Amber Tincture

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Therapeutic influence of the amber ticture. The tincture made from amber increases the immunity of the body, mitigates headaches, heartaches, throat pains. It helps in common colds, a running nose, coughing, influenza; it lowers the temperature of the body. Use the tincture externally by dabbing it into the place you feel the pain. In stomachaches, the tincture may be drunk. Take few drops of the tincture and dissolve it in boiled water.

How to prepare the tincture: pour 95% spirit to the bottle with amber and leave it for 2 weeks in warm and shaded place. After this time he tincture will be ready to use. Amber should change the colour of spirit into golden-brown. The ticture can be prepared again in the same way. After that the amber can be used again - sprinkle the candles with it to ionize to air at home.

There is 17 g (+/- 2g) of crushed amber in the bottle. You can prepare approx. 120 ml of tincture from it.

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