Wax Tubular Candles

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WAX TUBULAR CANDLES TRY EAR CANDLING IT IS EFFECTIVE AND RELIEVING! - If you have problems with sinus, rhinitis, excess of earwax, noise in ears, headache, migraine, if you are stressed and irritated TRY EAR CANDLING!

2 pieces in a package

Ask somebody for assistance in the operation. Lie down on your side and expose the ear. Now the assisting person should apply the cream to your auricle, as well as to the inlet of ear hole. Light the proper end of the candle (without metal band) and gently but with resolution put the other end of the candle into the hole. Keep the burning candle in vertical position closing with your hand the auricle to prevent escaping the smoke. You will hear soft crackles and feel change of pressure. After the candle is burn out to the metal band level remove the candle stub from the ear and dispose it to the glass with water, clear the ear gently with a stick with cotton ball. Repeat the procedure with the other ear. It is important that the both ears are candled during the operation.

The effect of tubular candle is based on negative pressure generated by the candle burning and circulating the air inside the ear by so called “chimney effect”. The air pressure inside the sinus is properly adjusted. The compressed vapor saturated with substances contained in beeswax and herb extracts enters the ear inside. The negative pressure circulation removes sediments and impurities from the ear and warms it from inside. At the same time the blood and lymph circulation near the ear and sinus is improved reinforcing the local immunological system. The whole operation is pleasant and effective without side effects. On the day of operation avoid air draught and don’t wash your head. Three operations during a week are recommended for proper therapeutic effect.

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